Symantec User Authentication

The perimeter around the modern enterprise has become increasingly porous. Employees that traditionally resided within the organization's four walls are now working from a home office, are embedded on a customer site, or are on the move a greater proportion of their time. Concurrently, enterprises have opened their networks to business partners and customers to both gain access to new capabilities and to efficiently deliver services and maintain their position in the market.

While these greater levels of interconnection drive productivity, they also increase an organization's exposure to risk. A key struggle for an enterprise is enabling access to sensitive networks, applications, and data - but only to the right individuals. The fact is that passwords alone are no longer sufficient to ensure that only the right individuals get access. Robust data protection demands strong authentication.

Symantec's User Authentication solutions, formerly a part of VeriSign, provide convenient, secure two-factor user authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI) services to protect networks, applications, and data against unauthorized access and secure mission-critical interactions as part of a comprehensive information protection program.

Key benefits include:


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