Controlling the data lifecycle is the greatest security challenge faced by organizations today. To be successful, you need knowledge of IT best practices and a deep understanding of the unique business processes of your organization. As a result, IT managers can no longer be technology specialists alone; they must also be able to separate critical and non-critical business requirements and provide a holistic approach to data security that complements organizational needs.

With our extensive experience in data-in-motion and data-at-rest discovery, infoLock Technologies can help you identify data security risks and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate threats. Whether through service engagements or point-solution implementation, infoLock Technologies is your premier partner for data lifecycle security.

infoLock Technologies is a recognized leader in data lifecycle security. Combining technical expertise with business savvy, infoLock Technologies provides a range of services and solutions to help its customers secure their sensitive data. Our clients include U.S. federal and state government agencies, major financial services firms, healthcare providers, retailers, and manufacturing companies.

Founded in 2005, infoLock Technologies is a privately-owned company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.